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Contact Us

To make an appointment with a faculty member, call (856) 225-6136. The department secretary will ask if you prefer a phone or an in-person appointment and with whom you would like to speak. Please refer to the table below to assist you.

Name and TitleContact Information
Tetsuji Yamada, Ph.D. – Professor and Chair Tel: (856)-225-6025
Email: tyamada@crab.rutgers.edu
Jingpeng Ma, Ph.D. – Associate Professor Tel: (856)-225-2919
Email: jinpeng@crab.rutgers.edu
I-Ming Chiu, Ph.D. – Associate Professor Tel: (856)-225-6012
Email: ichiu@camden.rutgers.edu
John Smith, Ph.D. – Associate Professor Tel: (856)-225-6319
Email: smithb@camden.rutgers.edu

Noha Emara, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor

Tel: (856)-225-6765
Email: noha.emara@rutgers.edu
Osama Hamed, Ph.D. – Lecturer Tel: (856)-225-6319
Email: hamed@camden.rutgers.edu
Babu N.S. Dasari, Ph.D.  – Lecturer Tel: (856)-225-6787
Email: babu.dasari@rutgers.edu
Michael Morelli, Ph.D. – Lecturer Tel: (856)-225-6786
Email: mmorelli@camden.rutgers.edu