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Winter 2014- Courses


IndexCourseTitleDaysTime  Room  Instructor
00501 102/W1 Principles of Microeconomics 12/23/14-1/16/15 Online Online Morelli
00304 399/W6 Economics of Multinational Corporation 12/23/14-1/16/15 Online Online  Candalla


Microeconomic Principles (Cr.3)

50:220:102:Sec:W1:00501 Sakai
12/23/14 -1/16/15 Time by arrangement.
Morelli, Michael
Email: mmorelli@camden.rutgers.edu
$100 online course support fee. Economic systems; supply, demand, and role of the market; consumer behavior and utility; firm behavior, cost, and profit; competitive and monopolistic markets for products and inputs; government regulation of markets.

Economics of Multinational Corporations (Cr.3)

50:220:399:Sec:W6:00304 Sakai
12/23/14 -1/16/15 Time by arrangement.
Candalla, Carlo
Email: candalla@camden.rutgers.edu
Pre-requisite: 50:220:103 or 103.$100 online course support fee. How multinational corporations make decisions as to where and how to invest for profit-risk factors in various circumstances; relevant government regulations; institutions the corporations have to deal with and how; cultural and environmental factors and political risks. Effects of currency and capital transfers and the influence of the corporation on the political and social environment of the countries involved.