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Principles of Macroeconomics

Macroeconomic Principles [Online]50-220-103-90
Spring 2013 

Professor: Daniel Roccato
Office: Bus 206 by appointment, Telephone: 856-222-0110
E-mail: dan@quakerwm.com; Roccato@rutgers.edu


This course will explore the fundamentals of Macroeconomic theory and contemporary application. Issues will include the economizing problem, supply and demand, market systems, labor, consumption, saving, government policy, banking and financial markets. There will be a special emphasis on how the macro economy impacts individual households as we seek to relate basic economic theory with current events and real life situations. 


McConnell, Brue and Flynn. Macroeconomics, 2cd Edition, Brief Edition. E-Book. ISBN 978-0-07-741640-9.


Students are expected to maintain a reading pace that corresponds to the weekly topic. Assisted by the reading materials, short videos and weekly lecture notes, students will learn in a collaborative environment. Students are encouraged to read topical articles in business publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Money Magazine, etc. as the course progresses.   

Keeping up with the weekly readings, assignments and discussion is the key to success!

The course is arranged by week. Each week may include:

  • Text reading (using the customized text I have created for the class)
  • Current articles and video clips
  • Lecture notes in power point format
  • Homework assignment (if applicable)
  • Forum discussion (if applicable)


Topics and Concepts

  • The Basis of Economics
  • The Economizing Problem
  • Demand and Supply
  • Global Market Systems
  • The U.S.Economy: components and participants
  • Measuring Domestic Output & National Income
  • Introduction to Economic Growth and Instability
  • Inflation and Deflation
  • The Business Cycle
  • Labor and Unemployment
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Monetary Policy
  • Banking and Capital Markets 

Weekly Schedule of Topics

Week 1 –     Overview of Economics
Week 2 –     Factors of Production
Week 3 –     Economic Systems
Week 4 – 5  Function and Value of Money
Week 6 – 7   Supply & Demand
Week 8 –     Measuring the Economy
Week 9 –     The Business Cycle
Week 10 –    Unemployment & Inflation
Week 11 –    Fiscal & Monetary Policy
Week 12 –    Deficits and Debt
Week 14 –    Labor Markets
Week 14 –    International Trade


Please visit the Assignment section of Sakai. You will see there are 4 homework assignments worth 15 points each. The assignments must be completed by the due dates (late assignments will be accepted but will lose points).

Please visit the Forum section of Sakai. You will see there are 5 forums worth 2 points each. You are expected to post your reply to the question before the due date. Posts should be original, thoughtful and brief.

  1. Homework – 60 points
    1. 4 executive style memos worth 15 points each
    2. Must be submitted online in Word format
    3. Will deduct points if submitted late
    4. Homework questions are posted in the Assignment section ofSakaiand are also posted within their corresponding weekly lesson.
    5. You may collaborate
  2. Discussion Forum – 10 points
    1. 5 Forum discussions worth 2 points each
    2. Please post your reply by the stated deadline  
  3. Final Exam – 30 points
    1. Format TBD
  4. Grading
90-100% A
85-89% B+
80-84% B
75-79% C+
70-74% C
60-69% D
Less than 60% F


Academic integrity requires that all academic work be wholly the product of an identified individual or individuals.  Joint efforts are only legitimate when the assistance of others is explicitly acknowledged. The principles of academic integrity entail simple standards of honesty and truth.  Each member of the university has a responsibility to uphold the standards of the community and to take action when others violate them. Students are expected to know, understand and adhere to the policies on academic integrity outlined in the in the University Code of Academic Conduct. 


Students who are seeking an accommodation because of a disability are directed to the website http://learn.camden.rutgers.edu/disability/disabilities.html or they can contact the Camden campus Disability Coordinator, Mr. Tim Pure at 856-225-6442, Armitage Hall Room 362. The email address is disabilityservices@camden.rutgers.edu. All contact will be considered confidential.