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Public Finance

Spring 2015
Rutgers University–Camden
Department of Economics
Course Syllabus 


Course: Public Finance 5:220:442:40 (14825), 3 credits
Class Meeting Time and Place: Tuesday 6:00 – 8:40 pm, Armitage 108
Instructor: Dr. Michael Morelli
Email: mmorelli@camden.rutgers.edu
Office: Armitage Hall 316
Phone: 856-225-6786
Office Hours: To be determined.

Course Description: Analysis of spending patterns and sources of revenue of different levels of the public economy; intergovernmental relations; emphasis on fiscal policy including debt management. Decision-making techniques on choosing government projects. Incidence and allocative effect of taxes.

Prerequisite: 50:220:102 or 103

Possible Textbook and Other Required Materials:

1) Public Sector Economics, The Role of Government in the American Economy, by Randall G. Holcombe, Pearson, Prentice Hall. The ISBN 10 # is 0–13–145042–5.

2) Public Finance, 2nd Edition includes with InfoTrac® 2-Semester and Economic Applications Printed Access Card, John E. Anderson University of Nebraska, Lincoln. ISBN-13: 9780538478441

3) Public Finance, 9th Edition includes Economic Applications, InfoTrac® 1-Semester Printed Access Card, David N. Hyman North Carolina State University, ISBN-13: 9780324537192

Course Requirements and Grade Evaluation: Grades will be based on your performance in Classroom Participation and Attendance, Homework, Quizzes, Midterm Exam and Final Exam as follows:

  • Classroom Participation and Attendance 20%
  • Homework 20%
  • Quizzes 20%
  • Midterm Exam 20%
  • Final Exam 20%

Letter Grades:

A 90.0-100.0
B+ 85 – 89.9 and B 80 – 84.9
C+ 75 – 79.9 and C 70 – 74.9
D 60 – 69.9
F Below 60.0

Homework Assignments, Class Prep & Participation: Students are responsible for reading the chapters, preparing assigned problems and analysis for discussion before each class. Do them early to avoid any emergencies preventing your completion by the due date. Please access the Sakai site regularly for any updates or notices.

Exam Policy: Questions are based on assigned textbook readings, homework problems and class lectures and discussions. You are responsible for concepts that are assigned in the readings even if they are not explicitly covered in class.

Mid-Term and Final Exams: Grades of incomplete will not be given to students who do not take the midterm and final exams unless I am contacted prior to submitting my grades with appropriate documentation of court appearance, military duty, hospitalization, etc. Students who do not take the midterm and final exams and do not present appropriate documentation will receive a zero on these exams.

Academic Integrity: Cheating or the appearance of cheating will result in disciplinary action according to the procedures of Rutgers University. I encourage working together on homework; but you should hand in individual assignments.

Attendance/Class Participation and Rules: Active participation in class discussions is important for the success of our class. Please give me an email notification if you must miss class. Please turn off speaker/sound on all cell phones, headphones, personal computer and electronic devices before class begins.

Statement on Academic Freedom: Freedom to teach and freedom to learn are inseparable facets of academic freedom. I ask that you respect each other’s opinions, especially when they differ from your own.

Students with Disabilities: I ask any student with a need for accommodation based on the impact of a disability to inform me and The Office of Disability Services as soon as possible.

The Office of Disability Services (856-225-6442) is part of the Rutgers-Camden Learning Center located in Armitage Hall, EOF Office Suite, Rooms 358-368. Tim Pure, is the Disability Services Coordinator. He can be reached by contacting the Rutgers-Camden Learning Center at (856) 225-6442 or at tpure@camden.rutgers.edu. Also, visit the Office of Disability Services website http://learn.camden.rutgers.edu/disability/disabilities.html

Together, we will coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.