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Economics of International Finance

Rutgers University
Department of Economics
50-220-329: Economics of International Finance
Spring 2013 

Instructor: Dr. Hamed
Textbook: Paul Krugman and Maurice Obstfeld, and Marc Melitz International Economics, 9th ed., Addison Wesley, 2012.
Office Hours: 10:00-11:00 a.m MWF Or by appointment
Office: 331 Armitage Hall
E-mail: hamed@camden.rutgers.edu

Grading: There will be three exams, each assigned 30% of the final grade. The remaining 10% goes to class participation.  Attendance is required. Make-ups are given only when legitimate excuses are presented.

Week Topic Chapter
1 The Balance of  Payments 13
2&3 The Foreign Exchange Market 14
3&4 Money Supply, Interest Rates and Exchange Rates 15
5 Interest rates and Exchange Rates, Continued  
Exam I
6&7 Price Levels and Exchange Rates 16
7&8 Macroeconomic Policies under a Floating Foreign Exchange Regime 17
Spring Break
9&10 Macroeconomic Policies under a Fixed Foreign Exchange Regime 18
Exam 2
11 The International Monetary System 19
12 International Monetary System, Continued  
13 Optimum Currency Areas 20
14 The Global Capital Market 21
Exam 3