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Student Research

Dean’s Undergraduate Research Prize in 2013:
Joseph Harris and David Bolanos presented their research project entitled “Influential Factors of Retention of College Students: Effects of an Increase in Tuition on Socioeconomic Costs and Retention Disparity among Students” which has been guided by Dr. Tetsuji Yamada for the past year. They received Dean’s Undergraduate Research Prize and are invited the award ceremony at the Arts and Sciences Honors Convocation in the Gordon Theater.

Dean’s Undergraduate Research Prize in 2011: 
The Department of Economics is very pleased to announce that Tyson Hartwig has been selected to receive the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Prize for his project “Voting on Team Compensation Schemes conducted with Dr. John Smith [Department of Economics]. We are very proud of his work under the guidance of our faculty member. The award will be presented at the Honors Convocation on May 12, 2011.

Kirk Groomes Jr
., Dr. Tetsuji Yamada (Rutgers University), and Dr. Chia-Ching Chen (New York Medical College) have published a research paper entitled “Identifying Potential Grocery Store Locations in New Jersey” in the International Journal of Health and Nutrition, in October 2010, Vol.1, No.1, pp.13-30. Groomes graduated with degrees in Sociology and Economics in 2009 and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy through the 5-year MPA program at Rutgers-Camden.

Matthew Miller with Dr. Tetsuji Yamada (Rutgers University), Dr. Chia-Ching Chen (New York Medical College), Dr. Tadashi Yamada (Tsukuba University in Japan), Haruko Noguchi (Department of Health, Welfare, and Labor of the Japanese Government) has published an article “Private Health Insurance and Hospitalization under Japanese National Health Insurance,” in the Open Economic Journal, in June 2009, Vol.2, pp.61-70. Miller graduated with the degree in Economics in 2009 and is currently a part-time graduate student in Mathematics Department at Rutgers University.