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Spring 2012- Online Courses

Spring 2012: Online Course

50: 220: 472: Economic Analysis of the Law

Instructor: Laura Shinn, PhD.
E-mail: lctshinn@gmail.com

Course summary:
The law impacts individuals in our many roles as citizens, employees, investors, consumers and family members. Law impacts decisions of leaders in the management of business and government. This course examines areas of the law which economic theory informs outcomes, including property law, tort law and liability, contract law and crime and punishment. Students will use the economic ideas of efficiency and rational optimization to analyze legal outcomes in resource allocation. We will use Cooter & Ulen’s text and outside readings to inform our analysis.

Format: online
Grading: A brief (5-7 pages) research paper on an approved topic; weekly quizzes on current assignments; and thoughtful and constructive contributions to discussion board analyses and discussions.

Requirements: Microeconomics Principles [50: 220: 102], a willingness to work hard.

Text: Cooter, Robert & Ulen, Thomas. Law & Economics, 6th edition, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 978-0-13-254065-0.

The application of basic economic concepts and analyses to the law and legal processes. How economics can be used to study issues in tort, criminal, contract, property, and negligence matters. Examine economic implications of the law pertaining to racial discrimination, environmental protection, and other standard corporate regulatory provisions.