• Dr. Jinpeng Ma has a new publication, “Value of Hedge and Expected Returns” (with Max Tang and Yuming Wang), SSRN2705992, accepted by the journal Applied Economics.
  • Professor Jay Sethuraman, IEOR Department,Columbia University, presented a new proof of a characterization of the TTC mechanism (Jinpeng Ma 1994 IJGT) in ORL. View at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S016763771500156X
    Hidekazu Anno, Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Japan, presented another proof for the characterization (Jinpeng Ma 1994, IJGT) in EL. View at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0165176514004388

  • Tommaso Luigi Valli Fassi from the Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University has incorporated the variance difference in our Paper of Yuming Wang and Jinpeng Ma (NAJEF 2014) into the Fama-French three factors and the Fama-French-Carhart four factors asset pricing models and found it significant determinant of excess returns on stocks”. Our VD may become the fifth factor! Please see the attached paper for detail.

  • Dr. Jinpeng Ma has a new publication, “Double auction mechanisms on Markovian networks,” Expert Systems with ApplicationsVolume 41, Issue 16, 15 November 2014, Pages 7032–7045  (Joint with Xiaojing Xu and Xiaoping Xie) View the article at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0957417414003078

  • Dr. Jinpeng Ma has a new publication, “Excess Volatility and Cross-section of Stock Returns,” North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 2014, vol. 27, pages 1-16 (Joint with Yuming Wang), which addressed Shiller’s excess volatility issue in the equity market. The paper had been mostly downloaded in the journal, more than 20,000 downloads or views four months after its publication.

  • Congratulations to Al Roth and Lloyd Shapley for winning the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics for their contributions to the two-sided matching theory and the theory  (and arts) of market designs. They cited Dr. Ma’s two articles:

    [1] Ma, J. 1994. “Strategy-proofness and the strict core in a market with indivisibilities.” International Journal of Game Theory 23: 75-83.
    [2] Ma, J. 1995. “Stable matchings and rematching-proof equilibria in a two-sided matching market.” Journal of Economic Theory 66: 352.369. 

  • Dr. Jinpeng Ma has published “The Singleton Core in the College Admissions Problem and its Application to the National Resident Matching Program,” Games and Economic Behavior, 2010, 69 (1), 150-164.