To facilitate a minor in Accounting; Business Administration; Finance; Human Resource Management; International Business; Management; Marketing; and Management Information System & E-commerce, Economics major students are able to take up to three elective courses of the undergraduate program from the School of Business.

If your official document does not have a minor in Business with Economics major at the evaluation toward the degree, the Business courses are not able to replace Economics electives toward Economics major. Thus, you need to complete all Economics elective requirements.    

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Please consult with a chairperson of Department of Economics.

Note: A student in the five-year BA (Economics)/MBA Program is able to use the BA/MBA required courses as an Economics major electives up to four courses. See a chairperson of Department of Economics.

Business Minor for Non-Business Students

Accounting is sometimes described as “the language of business.” With the increasingly complex and interdisciplinary nature of workplaces, the accounting minor will provide students with opportunities to build knowledge and skills that will be valued at for-profit and non-profit organizations. All majors will benefit with a minor in accounting.

Business Administration
The business administration minor exposes students to the fundamentals of business education and increases their understanding of business theory, practices and applications across five major disciplines. These disciplines include Financial Accounting, Principles of Finance, Principles of Marketing, Organizational Behavior, and Management of Information Systems. This minor adds a good dose of business knowledge to the student’s portfolio.

Finance is the art and science of all things related to money. In today’s global economy, understanding the fundamentals of finance is essential for success. As a finance minor, you will learn how to enhance and ensure both you and your employer’s financial positions. Be globally competitive – minor in finance!

Human Resource Management
The human resource management minor introduces students to the fundamental principles of managing people in organizations. It familiarizes students with methods for career planning, recruiting, hiring, training, compensating, and evaluating employees. This minor complements most degree programs with its applicability to any profession in which advancement is likely to require supervisory or management responsibilities.

International Business
The minor in entrepreneurship and international business will help students develop an idea, conduct a market test, prepare a business plan, and start a business venture. Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of the world and be prepared to pursue international career and business opportunities.

Management Information Systems & E-commerce
The MIS and E-commerce minor prepares students with the skills necessary to help businesses compete and develop strategies for interactions among companies, employees, and customers. Students learn how to help organizations adopt new technologies, use IT strategically, as well as manage projects and design systems.

The minor in marketing provides students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that are essential for analyzing markets and designing the best combinations of product, price, promotion, and distribution to meet and exceed customer wants and needs. All majors stand to benefit with a minor in marketing.