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Econ Society Group Photo

Top Row: Stanley Baxter, Anthony Lugo, Richardson Bonhuer, James Boyle, Winston Jordan, Haseem Ahmed, Fabian Best
Middle Row: Joseph Harris, Michael White, Dr. Yamada, Maria Rodriquez-Gregg, Kelly Halleran
Bottom Row: Niral Dand


The Economic Society of Rutgers-Camden is a student-administered, faculty-supported organization which serves to promote the understanding of Economics. The purpose of the Society is to sponsor events by distinguished individuals in business and economics, facilitate faculty-student interaction, highlight networking opportunities and career information, provide workshops for supplemental education, and to establish a platform to encourage students to express their ideas.

2012-2013 Members


Groomes Event group photo

Event with Alumnus Kirk Groomes
Left to Right: Fabian Best, Joseph Harris, Michael White, Anthony Lugo, Kirk Groomes, Niral Dand, Haseem Ahmed, Dr. Chiu.

Executive Members:



Past Events:

  • April 18, 2013: Joseph Harris presented at CURCA (Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities):
    • “Federal Reserve System’s Effectiveness to Promote and Preserve Minority Depository Institutions” by Joseph Harris with Dr. Harris from the Political Science Department.
    • “Influential Factors of Retention of College Students: Effects of an Increase in Tuition on Socioeconomic Costs and Retention Disparity Among Students” by Joseph Harris and Dave Bolanos. 
  • March 28, 2013: Alumnus Kirk Groomes, MPA, presented “Data Mining in USDA Food and Nutrition Service.”
Joseph Harris CURCA 2013

Joseph Harris during CURCA 2013

Contact Information:
Tetsuji Yamada, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor
E-mail: tyamada@crab.rutgers.edu