The Economic Society of Rutgers-Camden is a student-administered, faculty-supported organization which serves to promote the understanding of Economics. The purpose of the Society is to sponsor events by distinguished individuals in business and economics, facilitate faculty-student interaction, highlight networking opportunities and career information, provide workshops for supplemental education, and to establish a platform to encourage students to express their ideas.


The Economics Society is a student-administered, faculty-supported organization within the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers-Camden.  Our organization serves to create new, and foster existing, opportunities available to Economics undergraduates.  We focus in equal parts on undergraduate research, career and internship opportunities, and academic success.  The Economics Society works with The Economics Department to host industry events and hands-on seminars to expose students to potential career paths available to our current and future graduates.  The Economics Society is also affiliated with the Philadelphia Council For Business Economics, which provides our members with monthly exposure to respected industry professionals.  The Society also works closely with other student organizations, such as The Student Finance Association (SFA), to, among other things, prepare for trading competitions, work towards Bloomberg Terminal Certifications, and find quality industry speakers for our undergraduates.


  • President: FangMing Tian
  • Vice President: Hieu Tran
  • Vice President: Christophe Krol
  • Vice President: Nicholas Lukaszewicz
  • Secretary: John Carter
  • Vice Secretary: Valeriy Kaplun
  • Treasurer: Linghui Zhong
  • Vice Treasure: Yixu Xia
  • Emeritus Member: Joseph Harris
  • Emeritus Member: Ryan Webb
  • Emeritus Member: Omar Samaniego
  • Emeritus Member: MichaeWhite
  • Emeritus Member: LingCai Yuan


Barret Levine and Dr. Tetsuji Yamada
Mr. Barret Levine (the senior student in Econ major) received the Dean’s Award at the CURCA in April 2018
Damian Onwuka with Econ students and faculty
Mr. Damian Onwuka (the seminar speaker, Gabel Associate) spoke about “Efficient Project Implementation and Business Analytics in October 2018 (the 5th person from the left) with students and faculty.
Groomes Event group photo
Event with Alumnus Kirk Groomes
Left to Right: Fabian Best, Joseph Harris, Michael White, Anthony Lugo, Kirk Groomes, Niral Dand, Haseem Ahmed, Dr. Chiu.
Event with Alumnus Kirk Groomes
Event with Alumnus Kirk Groomes
Left to Right: Fabian Best, Joseph Harris, Michael White, Anthony Lugo, Kirk Groomes, Niral Dand, Dr. Yamada, Dr. Chiu.
Joseph Harris CURCA 2013
Joseph Harris during CURCA 2013

Contact Information:
Tetsuji Yamada, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor
E-mail: tyamada@crab.rutgers.edu