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Major Requirements- Undergraduate 2014-2019

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Courses may be counted toward both Major and General Requirements.  However, no course may fulfill two categories of General Requirements.  If you use any course for both Major and General Requirements, be sure to count the credits only ONCE toward the degree total.  Students planning to pursue a Ph.D. program are advised to take Unified Calculus (640:121 and 122), Linear Algebra (640:250), and Mathematical Economics (220:391).  All courses toward Economics major degree should be at least C or better grade.


Subj. #: Course #
Microeconomic Principles3220:102   
Macroeconomics Principles3220:103   
Economic Reasoning & Applications3220:200   
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory3220:203   
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory3220:204   
Foundations and Econometrics [FE]3220:222   
ECONOMICS ELECTIVES (8)  A minimum of 8 electives courses including a 3-credit internship
Internship 3220:497/01, cross-listed with 50:090:399:01:05212   
Minimum Total Credits:45Actual Credits Completed: 


To facilitate a minor in Accounting; Business Administration; Finance; Human Resource Management; International Business:
Management Information System & E-commerce; and Marketing, Economics major students are able to take up to 3 elective courses of the undergraduate program from the School of Business.  However, if the course is offered by Economics Department, a business course will not be accepted.  Please visit: http://business.camden.rutgers.edu/minors/ and consult with a chairperson of Department of Economics. 

If a student official document does not have a minor in Business with Economics major at the evaluation toward the degree, the Business courses are not able to replace Economics electives toward Economics major. Thus, the student needs to complete all Economics elective requirements.

5-year BA[Economics]/MBA Program:

  • A student in the 5-year BA[Economics]/MBA Program is able to use the BA/MBA required courses as an Economics major electives up to 4 business-school courses.  Please visit a chairperson of Department of Economics.

5-year BA[Economics]/MPA Program:

  • A student in the 5-year BA[Economics]/MPA Program is able to use the BA/MPA required courses as an Economics major electives up to 3 public-administration courses.  Please visit a chairperson of Department of Economics.


  • If an Economics major student finds an internship related to Economics, the student needs to see the Director of the Career Center as the Instructor for the Economics Department Internship class.  The Director of Career Center will review the internship and if it is Economics related, the Director of Career Center will give the student a special permission number to register for Economics 50:220:497:01 [3 credits]. The student can take an internship only one time for Economics elective credit [3 credits].  A second internship can be completed as general education elective credit only under the Arts & Sciences Internship class 50:090:399:01

Students seeking the distinction of graduating with “Honors in Economics” and the experience of intense investigation of a particular topic in economics may do so in the honors program.  Eligibility for such a project is judged by the student’s GPA = 3.5 and above and availability of an appropriate supervising professor.  The supervisor works individually with the student over a two-term sequence, 50:220:495-496, during the student’s last three terms before graduation.  Total credits earned are determined by the department according to the nature of the project; no grade is given until completion of the two-term sequence and department approval of an honors thesis embodying the project.  Interested students should contact their academic advisors.

Enrollment in 50:220:491 Independent Study Projects in Economics requires prior approval by the department and the participating faculty member.  All independent study projects require at least the same rigors of training, instruction, research, and grading as do other upper-division Economics courses.  To enroll in 50:220:491, students must have completed nearly all of the course requirements for the major in Economics and have achieved a grade-point average in Economics of at least 3.0.  A student is limited to enroll in only one independent study project within the Economics department each term and a maximum of two during the degree program with a GPA=3.5 above.

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