Teaching [70%]: Quality teaching should be a fundamental effort of the part-time lecturer [PTL] or the non-tenured-track full-time lecturer [NTTFL].  Teaching includes both traditional classroom and online methods.  As the most important duties, the PTL or the NTTFL makes direct conveyance of her/his knowledges and experiences to students. Teaching also includes supervision of students’ progress towards their degree, advising student internships, academic advising, and providing a mentorship to students.

The PTL or the NTTFL has responsibility to demonstrate effective teaching and should validate her/his extensive knowledge in her/his discipline with originality and diligence.

  1. Effective teaching transfers interest and enthusiasm to students and creates a positive learning environment.
  2. Effective teaching stimulates students and challenges them to maintain a critical attitude toward ever-changing economic and social-political environments.
  3. Effective teaching communicates with and transfers her/his knowledge to students and must enhance quality oriented education with evidences and experiences within her/his expertise. 

The PTL or the NTTFL should endeavor to continuously improve their teaching methods and advance meaningful critical thinking in her/his subjects and teaching methods. The PTL or the NTTFL should continuously develop her/his knowledge in order to maintain effective teaching during the contract term of assigned duties and must make efforts to improve teaching materials and to enrich her/his courses.

Service [20%]: Services include the contributions of her/his depth and extensive knowledge to the Department of Economics, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the University, especially fostering harmony, creativity, and a positive environment, particularly within the Department. 

Service to society at-large also includes contributions to the academic profession, active participation in academic associations/organizations, delivering a speech or a lecture for the community, serving as a referee, a reviewer, an editorial board member, and editorship by offering academic expertise and professional skills. In addition, the PTL or the NTTFL needs to be involved in active civic engagements for community and demonstrate the application of her/his expertise and skills to the community and society.

Scholarship [10%]: Active scholarship is a fundamental endeavor for a PTL or NTTFL of the Department of Economics. Scholarship includes basic and applied research. The PTL or NTTFL is also required to make contributions to the knowledge to their field. Scholarship is primarily demonstrated by the publication of journal articles and books that are subject to peer review. These works should demonstrate originality and importance to her/his fields. As a minor point, also presentation of her/his research at international or national conferences or meetings. The scholarship should correspondingly be comprised of projects/research, which generate funding for the PTL or NTTFL as a principal investigator by taking leadership as a project director.