Why Support the Department of Economics at Rutgers University – Camden?

Economics, the study of decision making within the context of limited resources, plays an essential role in the general education required of all students here at Rutgers University – Camden but especially those majoring in business. As such, the Department of Economics at Rutgers University – Camden prepares every student to contribute to the discovery and advancement of knowledge in economics, and to share that knowledge with others, whether fellow student or scholar, policymaker and business leader.

To better prepare our students, the Department of Economics at Rutgers University – Camden regularly conducts internal review, including graduate and alumni surveys, which attempt to determine levels of satisfaction and success of program offerings. The Department of Economics reviews its entire economics curriculum every third year, including comparing other research institutions’ economic departmental  programming, and faculty assessment of all course and catalogue descriptions, among other initiatives. Last, the Department of Economics at Rutgers University – Camden undergoes assessment from outside review, most recently, the Economics Departments at The University of Pennsylvania and Wellesley University.

That is, theDepartment of Economics at Rutgers University – Camden takes its educational leadership charge seriously. Toward this commitment to our students in a community of scholars, policymakers and business leaders, the Department of Economics at Rutgers University – Camden offers many opportunities and engagements, and your generous gifts to our Department of Economics support, among them:

  • Undergraduate and graduate research opportunities
  • Undergraduate and graduate scholarships, awards and stipends
  • Student travel to conferences
  • Seminar series
  • Outreach activities

The Department of Economics at Rutgers University – Camden general development fund enables support for departmental needs not fully covered by our allocated budget, including student travel to attend conferences, honoraria for visiting speakers, and other ongoing activities. Other, specific funding opportunities follow:

  • Women’s Scholastic Achievement Scholarship (for those with GDP 3.5 or above).
  • Student scholarships for research conducted under supervision of a professor.
  • Student achievement awards for exemplary community services and development projects.

You can use the following convenient methods to make your gift to the Department of Economics at Rutgers University – Camden.

By Mail: If contributing by check, please make payable to payable to the Department of Economics, Rutgers University, indicating the name of the fund on the subject above (if known or desired) of the check.

Mail to:
Department of Economics
Rutgers University
the State University of New Jersey
Camden, NJ 08102, USA

For information on supporting Rutgers University – Camden, contact the chairperson of Department of Economics, https://economics.camden.rutgers.edu/.

As with all financial considerations, we encourage you to discuss potential tax advantages and other aspects of charitable giving with your attorney, tax adviser, or financial consultant.