Dr. Joseph Shinn was featured in WalletHub’s recent piece about the best and worst cities for football fans


For many people, football is far more than just a game: it’s a sacred American tradition. These fans aren’t just spectators but are also participants. They do more than just proudly wear a team’s jersey, perfect game-day chili or tailgate with fellow fans. They show their passion by roaring in approval when their team scores a touchdown or crying out in disappointment when they fumble their way to failure. Football is by far Americans’ favorite sport to watch, with more popularity than basketball, baseball and soccer combined. In fact, 62 percent of Americans consider themselves either a fan or “somewhat” of a fan of professional football, and 54 percent say the same for college football.

But to show your passion for the sport, you need the best seats in the house. With Super Bowl LIV upon us, WalletHub compared more than 240 U.S. cities with at least one college or professional football team across 21 key metrics. Our data set ranges from number of NFL and college football teams to average ticket price for an NFL game to fan friendliness. Read on for the winners, additional insight from our panel of experts and a full description of how we ranked the cities.

Full article is available at WalletHub here: https://wallethub.com/edu/best-worst-cities-for-football-fans/9691/#expert=joseph-shinn