Selim CakmakliSelim Cakmakli, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Armitage Hall, Room 366
311 North Fifth Street
Camden, NJ 08102, USA
Phone: (856) 225-6765, ext. 6130

About Dr. Cakmakli

Dr. Selim Cakmakli is currently visiting assistant professor for the Department of Economics. He teaches macroeconomic principles and microeconomic principles at Rutgers University-Camden. He received his Ph.D. and MSc from Cukurova University, Adana/Turkey. He taught Econ courses at Mersin University, Turkey.

His field of interest includes history of macroeconomic thought, business cycles and structural breaks and economic geography.


  • “Business Cycles and Economic Crises in the Turkish Economy” (with K. Lopcu), Logic of Our Age: The Individual and Society in the Market’s Grasp (Ed. ?.A. Koç ve M.?iriner Önver), London: IJOPEC, April 2015
  • “Mainstream Economics Approaches in the face of Crises: A Critical Assessment (in Turkish)” (with E. Y?ld?r?m) Toros University Journal of Social Science, 2, 2013, 1-22.
  • “Size of Unemployment Problem in the Turkish Economy (in Turkish)”, Toros University Journal of Social Science, 1, 2013, 75-92
  • “From Old to New Neoclassical Synthesis: A Literature Review (in Turkish)” (with E. Y?ld?r?m,and F.Ö. Özkan) Ankara University SBF Journal, 66(4), 2012, 153-184
  • “Business Cycles and Economic Crises in the Turkish Economy: A Comparative Study on before and after 1980(in Turkish)”,(with E. Y?ld?r?m and K.Lopcu), Bilsay Kuruç’a Arma?an (Ed. S. ?ahinkaya and ?. Ertu?rul),Ankara: Mülkiyeleriler Birli?i Yay?nlar?, Nowember 2011
  • “Open Economy New Keynesian Macroeconomic Model: The Case of Turkey” (with E. Y?ld?r?m, and K. Lopcu), ?ktisat, ??letme ve Finans, 26(305),2011, 37-56.
  • “A Keynesian Macro Economic Model: Application to Turkish Economy (in Turkish)” (with E. Y?ld?r?m, K. Lopcu, and F.Ö. Özkan), Ege Academic Review, 10 (4), 2010, 1269-1277.

Research in Progress

  • Business Cycles and Economic Crises in the Turkish Economy (with Kenan Lopcu), 2017
  • Financial Capital Inflows and Bank Lending Channel in Turkey, 2017
  • Capital Accumulation, Business Cycles and Economic Crises in the Selected Countries: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation (with Kenan Lopcu)
  • Location Decision of Multinational Firms and Transformation of Economic Geography, 2017
  • Exchange Rate and Employment, 2017

Papers Presentation

  • The Turkish Economy in the Neoliberal Era: Crises, Policies and Economics, Rutgers University 250-year Activity, Rutgers University-Camden, April 20, 2017.

Course Information

  • 50:220:102:04: Microeconomic Principles
  • 50:220:102:04: Macroeconomic Principles
  • 50:220:367:01: ST: Contemporary Economic Issues: Political Economy of Globalization